TAD FAST 背包实测: Triple Aught Design FAST Pack EDC

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This is not a road test. Oh no, sir. It would have been a road test for any pouch or wallet. It could have been a road test for a messenger or daypack. It might have been a road test for a trekking pack or for travel luggage. But we’ve only had it for two months. There’s no way this is a serious road test for the Triple Aught Design FAST Pack EDC. However, instead of letting you guys wait for five years, let’s go!

偶,抱歉先生们,这不是一次实测。以前可能有过关于附包或钱包的实测。现在本来应该有关于邮差包或小背包的实测。以后也可能会有关于徒步背包或旅行箱的实测。但我们刚刚拥有它(TAD FAST)两个月而已。这不可能是一篇关于TAD EDC 快反 背包的认认真真的实测。不过,为了不让各位等上五年,让我们上吧!

Luckily, we’re not the first guys to review the FAST Pack EDC. You can find others herehereherehere and here, including a twenty-minute long video on YouTube, which even compares different versions of the FAST Pack EDC (which has been running for its fifth season now).

幸运的是,我们不是为EDC 快反 背包写评论的第一人。你可以在这里、这里、这里和这里找到其他的评测文,包括一个二十分钟长,甚至对不同版本的EDC 快反 背包进行了详细对比的YOUTUBE视频(已经使用了第五个季度了。)


About TAD


A word about Triple Aught Design. TAD is a boutique shop making tactical oriented clothing and equipment. Along with apparel and supercool knives and lights, they’ve designed two backpacks: the FAST Pack EDC and the FAST Pack Litespeed, the latter being a bit smaller (20 liters) and reviewed by none other than our own Taylor Welden!

三角设计公司的简称。TAD是一家制造战术向的服装和装备的时尚精品店。除了服装和超酷的刀具、灯具之外,他们还设计了两个包具:FAST EDC和FAST 简化版,后者更加小一些(20升容量),点击这里可以看到Taylor Welden写的有关FAST简化版的评测。(下面两段为赠品广告等,巴拉巴拉…)

[drum rolls] The kind crew at TAD are organizing a giveaway for the FAST Pack EDC, so read this review all the way to the bottom for your chance to win your own!

Note: One thing TAD is (unfortunately) well known for is that their products are sold out really quickly. To obtain one of the knives you even have to enter a draw to be able to buy it…no lack of popularity…so throw your hat in the ring.

Who it suits


The FAST Pack EDC is an 1800 cu in / 31 liter backpack with a lot of configuration possibilities. When the pack came out of the box it was sent in, our first impression was “Whoa, that’s a lot of webbing…”.

EDC 快反 背包是一个1800立方英寸/41升,拥有多种组合可能的背包。开箱后它给我们的第一感觉是:“哇偶,好多的织带…”

This pack means business and it shows in all kinds of ways. Apart from durability, high-quality materials and that “gosh, I need to not get in the way of that cool dude with the bag right there ’cause I will seriously get my ass kicked” look, the FAST Pack EDC is very, very modular. The volume is sufficient enough for you to haul almost anything. The pack itself is much like other bags with one main compartment with one interior pouch, two front compartments and two side pockets, and a separate compartment for a laptop or hydration bag. But with the added webbing and the transporter tail you can attach climbing stuff, helmets, extra pouches or any gear that will not fit into a normal compartment. The straps are highly configurable and can be detached with a click of the buckles.

这个背包当真展示出了多种多样的适用性。除了耐用性、高质量用料以及“天啊,我得小心不要妨碍到背着那个背包的酷酷的公子哥,不然我会被踢屁股”的看法之外,快反 EDC背包是非常、非常模块化的。它的容量足以让你搬运任何东西。这个背包和其他背包一样拥有一个主袋,内部有一个小分隔,前部有两个分隔,侧面有两个侧袋,以及一个可用于放入笔记本电脑或水袋的可分离的分隔。但是由于包上多出的织带以及运输尾板,你可以在外部加装攀登用具、头盔、附包或其他任何不适合放入普通背包分隔的装备。背包带都是高度可配置的,可以通过插扣进行分离。

So if you’re looking for a high-quality (tactical) backpack with lots of configuration possibilities, you’ve found it.



Who it doesn’t suit


There’s a price to be paid for all that configurability: added weight and straps that get in the way. And then there’s the price to be paid ($325) obviously. I found myself not knowing what to do with the transporter tail but not wanting to take it off because more straps could get in the way.


If you need a bag for just one or two use cases or every gram counts, look further afield; however, you might need some time to find something of the same build quality.






The webbing obviously gives the FAST Pack EDC a military/tactical look. Still, the overall size and fit of the pack keep it below the radar, especially in black. With a depth of 7″/17.78 cm, the pack is never bulky, even with the transporter tail.

很明显织带给予了EDC 快反 背包一个军用/战术背包的造型。但合适的整体大小,特别是黑色的外观保证了背包不引人注目。由于厚度为7英寸/17.78厘米,背包并不显得庞大,即使是带有那块运输尾板。




Here are some keywords: Cordura 1000, ITW Nexus buckles, YKK zippers, military grade stitching and webbing. The overall feel of the bag is very robust. The only thing we came across is that the bottom could have been a bit more reinforced. Although we’ve seen some reviews, we’d be interested in user stories from people who have longer experience with the FAST Pack series.

这里有几个关键词:考杜拉1000,ITW NEXUS插扣,YKK拉链,军用级缝制和织带。背包给人的整体感觉是粗壮结实。我们偶然发现的唯一一处(可改进的地方)是底部可以再加固些。尽管我们看过不少的评价,但我们还是对来自那些对于FAST系列背包拥有更长使用经验的人的使用体验很感兴趣。



The pack is constructed out of 1000 denier Invista Cordura fabric with a Hypalon-reinforced top handle and removable T6061 aluminium back panel frame.




The pack incorporates the likes of ITW Nexus SR Dual Adjust buckles and YKK #8 and #10 nylon coil reverse zippers.

背包上包含了ITW NEXUS SR双向调节插扣以及反向缝制的YKK8号和10号线圈尼龙拉链。





While most of the FAST Pack EDC is “proven design”, some aspects are rather unique and innovative. First, there’s the shoulder straps, which can be configured in all sorts of ways and even taken off. TAD provides a lot of Velcro straps to secure any loose straps; I haven’t seen it before in other packs, it’s a simple measure but it makes sense.

虽然EDC 快反 背包上使用的大多数是“已有设计”,但一些方面还是相当独特和标新立异的。首先,它有着可用多种方式进行配置甚至是脱下的肩带。TAD提供了许多维可牢魔术贴条用来固定过长的织带;我没有在其他的背包是看到过这种方式,简单而有效。

And then there’s the flashlight cave – a pocket on the bottom of one of the side pockets, that makes it possible to easily access a flashlight or other item using agear retractor.








At 31 liters, the FAST Pack EDC is definitely not the biggest backpack out there. Within that context, the size is still right for a day trip where you need to carry some gear or a multiday trip packing light. The main compartment is roomy, although not bulky.

对于31升的容量而言,EDC 快反 背包绝对不是市场上这个容积下最大的背包。基于这个背景下,这个大小适合于一日出行所需的装备携带或是数日出行所需的轻装打包。主包很宽敞,但是并不庞大。


Pockets and organising


The pockets on the FAST Pack EDC are just right. We found ourselves having an item that needed to be stashed and it was drawn magically to the right pocket: front and side pockets for quick access, main compartment and inner pocket for regulars. The only drawback is the lower front pocket, which cannot easily be accessed if the “transporter tail” is in use.


The webbing makes for other pouches to be attached easily. The zippers are big and great, they open in a wink. There’s a back section for hydration (which also doubles as a laptop compartment if you want it to.


Then there’s the Transporter Tail, that can hold your not so average item. Heck, there’s even Fast Pack Friday on packconfig.tumblr.com which is dedicated to all kinds of configurations (including TAD’s Fast Pack Litespeed).

运输尾板能够装载那些外形不那么规则的物品。这里有一个专注于快反背包的各种装载配置(包括TAD快反背包简化版)的位于packconfig.tumblr.com上的帐号: Fast Pack Friday。





One of our first tests was an hour long hike with some 15 kgs in the pack. I was almost surprised when I wore the pack at first. It fit like a glove! I’m about 6 feet 1 and 80 kilograms and the sizing was just right. The shoulder straps can be varied in lots of ways: the straps at the bottom can be tightened or loosened, the straps on the top can be tightened or loosened, the distance between the pack and the straps can be adjusted and, if necessary, the straps can be detached. Having said that, my girlfriend tried it and for her the waist belt was much too large (and yes… I’m happy about that ;-)).

最初的一次测试我们在背包里装了15KG的东西并进行了一小时左右的徒步。当我发现我是第一个穿戴这个背包的人时感到很惊喜。它感觉就像一幅手套那般合手舒适。我大概六英尺1英寸高,80公斤重,背包的尺寸刚好合适。肩带能够以多种方式进行调节:肩带底部能勒紧或放松,肩带顶部能勒紧或放松,肩带与背包本体的距离能进行调节,如果需要的话,肩带也能从背包上分离开来。话虽如此,我的女朋友尝试了一下,发现对于她来说腰封过于巨大了(是的,没错…我对此感到很开心 ;-))



The bag itself is rather heavy at 72 oz /2.1 kgs, but when wearing it, the weight is divided evenly, the waist belt does its job and the form of the pack enables the contents to be vertically divided instead of horizontally, which gives it more stability. The top handle is reinforced with Hypalon and is as sturdy as top handles get.


The straps and the back of the bag are padded. The straps at first give the impression of being rather thin, but once you feel them around your shoulders it becomes clear their form is adjusted to your body and less padding becomes necessary. What might get annoying is that the straps should be connected to straps on the front of the bag. This will improve carry comfort because the load can be closer to your back, but it means you have to disconnect the buckles every time you need to open the pack. Finally, the padding on the back has good ventilation.




For usability, the zippers are placed for direct access; that is, no flaps to cover them and no waterproof zippers. This has its effect on weatherproofness.


We put the FAST Pack EDC in the Belgian rain for two hours, stuffed with towels. The towels came out moist, especially at the zipper sections and on the bottom because of the drainage holes.


This happens to almost any bag with direct access to zippers; you just need to address it by using either a rain shield on the outside or drybags on the inside.



Alternatives to consider


There’s a good range of high-quality alternatives in the “close to 30 liters tactical backpack”. We have the Arc’teryx Khard 30 which we’ve recently reviewed.

There’s the Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault pack and the well known 5.11 Tactical Rush 24.

Goruck has been mentioned on several sites as an alternative, but I wouldn’t really call a GR1 an alternative to the FAST Pack EDC. For one, it’s decidedly smaller (26 liters versus the FAST Pack EDC’s 31 liters, while the GR2 boasts 40 liters). Then, the added waistband and configurability of the FAST Pack EDC makes it suitable for different uses.

“30升左右容量的战术背包”有一个高质量的可选范围。最近我们评测过的始祖鸟Khard 30是一个。另外还有神秘农场3D攻击包,以及知名的511Tactical Rush 24。有人提到Goruck(一个美国本土战术背包品牌,http://https://www.goruck.com/Gear)有几种尺寸的背包能作为候选,但我不认为他们的GR1是EDC快反背包的可替代方案。第一,它毫无疑问更小(26升VS快闪背包的31升,而同时GR2声称容积有40升)。第二,EDC快反背包上多出的腰封和更高的可配置性使得它更加适合不用的用途需求。




TAD made a robust pack with a lot of options. In comparison to other tactical companies, who have lots of backpacks and years of experience, it’s amazing to see TAD has found the sweet spot with just two backpacks.


Although it can be useful in many situations, you might not need all the modularity the FAST Pack EDC has to offer. We’d welcome a “slick” version with a little less webbing, fewer straps and without the transporter tail.


And finally: yes TAD, you’re allowed to develop bigger bags as well!


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