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FourDog和Trailstove柴火炉 - 银河 - 银河@生存主义唱诗班
这个链接里提到了若干种很好的炉具设计,包括trailstove, vargo, littlebug等:
FourDog和Trailstove柴火炉 - 银河 - 银河@生存主义唱诗班
当然如果要简化成单层的更适合DIY, 尤其是它的锅架结构感觉比trailstove更稳定
下面这个是单层一体的Trailstove, 用一张不锈钢板制成,巧妙利用了圆筒结构的强度,应该是最适合DIY的结构

How to use the TrailStove
1. Place the stove on even ground with the large exhaust hole on the side of the body facing away from the wind so that smoke will not go into the food to be cooked. Make sure there is nothing combustible nearby such as dry grass, wood, leaves, clothes etc

[/td][td]2. Fill the combustion chamber approximately half-full with lightly packed wood. If the combustion chamber is completely full the performance will be poor. Place some easily combustible material under the combustion chamber such as a crumbled up piece of paper or some dry grass. Insert the blow-tube into the hole on the side of the stove.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]3. Ignite the material under the stove. In a few minutes there will be a steady fire burning in the combustion chamber. The process can be sped up by blowing gently into the blow-tube. If the wood in the chamber is wet it will take a few minutes more before a steady fire is reached.
4. Once the fire is steady, blow air through the blow-tube to increase the intensity of the fire.


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