7 Essential Hydration Tools 7款户外必备水具

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Keeping hydrated, especially during short bouts of exercise, is just as important as replenishing energy with gels or bars. Here are the best bladders, bottles, and backpack for every activity.
Ultimate Direction AK Race Vest 2.0 ($100)
This lightweight vest has chest pockets for two 20-ounce bottles and room for an optional 70-ounce reservoir in back, so you can carry enough fluid for a full day in the mountains. A huge bungee on the back straps down clothes as you shed them.
Profile Design Aero HC Hydration System ($75)
handlebar-mounted Aero HC是为速度而设计的。功率计可以附加在子弹形状的28盎司瓶身后面,为快速补充而设计的可翻转盖子,空气动力学锥形形体以及平滑的习惯。最重要的是:你可以直接饮水而不需要将它拿出来。
The handlebar-mounted Aero HC was designed for speed. A power meter can be attached behind the bullet-shaped, 28-ounce bottle, a flip cap makes for quick refills, and the straw is even aerodynamically tapered. Most important: you don’t have to leave your tuck to take a drink.
NRS PFD Hydration Pack ($55)
This 1.5-liter pack straps onto any personal flotation device, which means you can get at your water without pulling your spray skirt. The 3.5-foot drinking tube is long enough to fit around bulky vests, and the outer shell is made from 40-denier ripstop to withstand rocks, branches, and rolls.
Platypus Platy Water Tank (From $30)
With a gusseted bottom, the Platy stands on its own when full and packs flat when empty. A large zip top makes for simple cleaning. It comes in three sizes: 70, 140, and 210 ounces.
Arctic Innovations HydroHeater ($125)
Never suffer a frozen hose again. The battery-powered HydroHeater uses a heated wire in the tube that’s activated by pushing a button near the mouthpiece. It’ll keep your water ice-free down to 50 below.
CamelBak Rim Runner 22 ($100)
A quick pinch unclips the tube from the pack’s 100-ounce reservoir for hassle-free refills. The pockets hold up to 1,160 cubic inches of gear—enough for a shell and a map.
FuelBelt Sprint Palm Holder ($15)
The ergonomic shape of this 10-ounce, BPA-free bottle conforms to your palm, and the padded hand strap prevents chafing. The zippered pocket fits keys, a credit card, and a gel—all you need for an afternoon jaunt.

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